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Staff Letters

Mary Klehr | Public Health Nurse

I have learned what it must be like to come to another country with cultural, language, employment and health insurance barriers. I enjoy the challenges and use of my nursing skills and knowledge needed to find resources for the client and their family. Learning, on follow-up calls and visits, that their needs were met, brings me so much satisfaction and inner peace. Being caring, compassionate, understanding and a faith-filled advocate gives them the encouragement and confidence they need to achieve their health and life-related goals.

Terry Hassan | Outreach Coordinator & Translator

It gives me personal satisfaction in helping others in our community who need assistance but don’t know where or how to find it. To me, it is a form of justice. Illness has no favorites; rich, young, old, beautiful and plain people all can become sick. How often and how they are served can be determined by the resources they may have available. I feel that it is critical to find those, sometimes hard-to-find resources for those not able to do so themselves. The expressions of thanks and smiles from our families, show me that what we are doing is helping a little part of the world become better.