Recent Stories


A husband and wife came to Shakopee RVHS from Waybury. The woman had been having some abdomen pain for 2 months and needed a refill on her inhalers. She had several worries: diagnosis, cost, and finding a provider. RVHS made her an appointment at McDonna Homes Clinic in St. Paul which is a part of La Clinica. When the couple came back to RVHS the following week they told us about her wonderful experience and how they only had to pay $25.00 for her appointment (per sliding scale) which included a full exam, x-rays and labs.  In addition, she was able to get 2 inhalers from the clinic for $19.00—normally she pays about $150.00 for 2.

  • After his wife’s experience, the husband wanted to get an appointment with McDonna Homes Clinic. He had not been to the doctor in about 8 years and was also fearful of the expense and diagnosis from the symptoms he was experiencing. 
  • The couple returned to RVHS in Shakopee the following week after their visit to Mcdonna Homes Clinic and shared that he only had to pay $25.00 which included several labs, a full physical and X-rays. He was impressed with their services.
  • The MHC nurse had left him a message to call but he was having trouble contacting her so an RVHS public health nurse called and received the messages about the client’s new diagnosis which included hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. The client was going to go back to the clinic and pick up all his medications.
  • McDonna Homes clinic set him up with a nutritionist and diabetic educator.
  • The couple referred 2 other clients to RVHS after sharing their experiences,

Teenage girl

“A” is a 16-year-old teenager who does not have medical insurance. She had not received a dental check up for several years. “A” was referred by a friend to River Valley Health Services and we were able to get her a dentist appointment through the program Give Kids a Smile which provides free cleaning and cavity repair. “A” and her mom were very happy with the dentist appointment. “A” also got a VSP voucher to use for her next eye exam, she will be able to get new glasses free of charge.

18 year old student and mom

“J” is an 18-year-old student and a mom. She came to the us three years ago and was pregnant. River Valley Health Services was able to get her the care she needed during her pregnancy and referred her to New Beginnings so she could continue in school while her baby was cared for in the same building. Three years later, “J” was at school when she suddenly felt dizzy and almost fainted. After a quick screening, the nurse noticed her blood pressure was high and had her see a doctor that day. “J” does not have medical insurance, luckily Mobil Clinic, was open that day. “J” was diagnosed with HBP and given medication to control it. After a few weeks, we learned she was doing better and we advised her to come to RVHS once in a while to monitor her blood pressure. “J” is so glad RVHS could once again help her find the services she needed so she can take care of herself.


“C” and his wife came to RVHS hoping to get help to figure out their insurance. A couple of months earlier they had medical assistance but were told they no longer qualified because he was over the income limit. They even had some medical bills from physical therapy and other services that were not covered by Medical Assistance. They met with someone at Portico and the only option for them was Minnesota Care but the monthly premium was still too high—almost $600.00 for both of them and they also had a high deductible. Heidi helped them to apply to the program Allina Partner in Care. “C” and his wife were approved for this program. Allina partners in Care will be picking up the past bills for both of them and they will be covered for two years. “C” was very grateful for all the help he got from RVHS.

5-year-old girl and mom

A 5-year-old girl came to our Chaska Clinic with her mom. They had recently immigrated from Honduras and were referred to RVHS by a friend. The mother was holding the little girl who could not walk or sit up by herself. The girl had had several different diagnoses while living in Honduras but had come to the United States to get help for her condition as they were unable to get the necessary care in their country. RVHS called the Shriners Children’s Hospital and set up an appointment for the girl— she was seen 2 weeks later.  Mom and daughter came back to RVHS 3 weeks later very happy with the care they had received. They had several other appointments scheduled over the next few months. The daughter was in a custom wheelchair and a back brace and was able to sit up and be comfortable. The mom was very relieved not to have to carry and hold up her daughter all of the time. The Shriners scheduled the girl for surgery to treat her severe scoliosis in Chicago. They were also putting the family up in a hotel during the duration of the stay. All expenses have been covered for her since she started getting care at Shriners this summer. RVHS saw the family at an outreach event and they were so happy as their lives have completely changed for the better!